The CrimShield Difference...

CrimShield isn’t just another background check company – it’s a way to show the world that you, or your employees and contractors, are Certified Crime Free.

That difference matters as much to us as it does to you. We know it’s one thing to give our customers stacks of data in court records that are hard to read and understand, and a whole other thing to have our team of live investigators, attorneys, and court researchers do the digging it takes to qualify people as “crime free” or “low risk” using our proprietary investigative techniques.

Our approach is entirely different from the one instant background check companies take, and it gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing CrimShield Certified individuals have passed our in-depth screening process. Using our security clearance cards and online verification tools, you can feel more secure knowing that you have the full weight of our investigative and screening matrix behind you.

CrimShield products make everyone safer. They allow large companies to ensure contractor employees pose little-to-no risk for theft or violent crime and nonprofits can pre-screen volunteers who show up ready to work with their own security cards. Even individuals can benefit by feeling more confident about meeting strangers in person.

Regardless of the specific application, everything we do comes back to the principle of providing safety, security, and knowledge by researching individuals and verifying their identity the old-fashioned way, even when it means checking court records in person. In fact, we automatically investigate every applicant in multiple states or counties, looking for information, red flags, and inconsistencies where other background providers don’t.

Most screening and verification companies don’t come close to matching this level of service, which is why companies and individuals across the country are vulnerable to convicted felons and other dangerous men and women who are hiding in plain sight. CrimShield looks where other providers don’t. What we find makes you safer from criminals, predators, thieves, and liability lawsuits.

To learn more about how we can help you or your business, contact a member of our team today to find the CrimShield service that’s right for you.