Tenant Screening for Rental Property Owners and Managers

Owing a rental property can bring you monthly income and a stable, profitable investment… but only if you find the right tenants who will care for the unit and pay their rent on time. And unfortunately, potential renters who have the most to hide are also the most skilled at keeping you from discovering their pasts.

With our platform, you can avoid unnecessary hassles and evictions while making the business of renting a breeze. Just email an invitation to your potential renter, and they take care of the rest through our platform. That means no paperwork and no FCRA compliance problems.

Smart Verification and Management Tools

With Rent Perfecrt, property owners and managers finally have a tool for screening, verifying, and managing rental applicants. It’s mobile-friendly all-in-one solution that doesn’t just protect you, but makes the process of managing your rental units easier than you could’ve ever imagined. Our platform lets you:

  • Verify Rental Applicant Identity, Credit Score, Employment, and Rental History
  • Get Access to Thousands of Municipal Eviction Records Through Our Network of Licensed Investigators
  • Comply Automatically With Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Guidelines
  • Collect Rent, Issue Leases, and Verify Rental Insurance Online
Fast, Efficient, and Paperless Property Management

ISC Screening isn’t just about finding better tenants – it’s also about spending less time managing paperwork (and in some cases, eliminating it altogether). From the moment a renter says “I’ll take it,” our mobile-friendly platform does the rest and you get the data you need to make a good decision in a matter of hours.

Then, you can use our platform to email a state-specific rental agreement, collect monthly payments, and even verify things like rental insurance. It couldn’t be any easier!

This is the one property management tool that can save you dozens of hours, thousands of dollars, and countless headaches every year. To learn more, visit www.RentPerfect.com.