Smart Contractor Management Made Easy...

Your business can’t run without contractors, but do you really know who you have representing your brand every day? And more importantly, is your company at risk for a huge lawsuit because dangerous criminals are using your logo or credentials to get into customers’ homes and workplaces?

CrimShield’s Contractor Management platform gives you the peace of mind you need to ensure every contracting company that works on your behalf is properly screening and verifying employees before you have a problem. It’s a way to know who you have representing your organization at all times, and protect your business from the unknown.

How We Help You Find Great Contractors

Our system lets you manage multiple different contracting firms through one convenient portal, and gives you the ability to maintain control over the credentials of individual personnel. You can even use our platform to ensure outside vendors aren’t sending dangerous criminals to your own office or facility.

Whether you work with dozens of contractors, or thousands, you’ll appreciate the security that comes with having a network of licensed investigators on your side, including:

  • Crime-Free Contractor Certification
  • Branded Photo ID Security Clearance Cards
  • Instantly-Verifiable Credentials
  • Numerous Employee and Contractor Management Tools
Don’t Let Your Organization be Damaged by Someone Else’s Bad Decision

Our Contractor Management system is ideal for protecting your business, your employees, and your customers all at the same time. In the past, it was virtually impossible to know who subcontractor companies were sending out into the field, or letting through your front door. Now, it’s easy and convenient to ensure that everyone representing your brand and working around you is crime-free.

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