Faster Hiring and Onboarding With Work Day One

CrimShield is making it easier than ever for employers and job-seekers to find the right fit and move forward with the hiring process. With WorkDayOne, potential employees can pre-screen themselves to show they are crime free, drug free, and ready for employment. In other words, they can prove they are ready to step in and “go to work on day one!”

For employers, WorkDayOne is a great way to save time and money while reducing turnover. Companies can find out which prospective new hires are really serious about finding a job, and meet the necessary criteria to join the team.

Pre-Screened and Ready to Work

Taking advantage of WorkDayOne is easy: companies refer potential employees to our website, where they can order their own security clearance background checks, fill out an online application, and submit any other necessary paperwork. That’s because employers already have:

Whether you work with dozens of contractors, or thousands, you’ll appreciate the security that comes with having a network of licensed investigators on your side, including:

  • Identity and Employment Eligibility Verification
  • Drug Testing and Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Automatic Security Card Transfer to New Employer
Our streamlined process starts online and eliminates unnecessary paperwork and expenses, creating a win-win situation for job seekers and employers alike. And, because applicants order their own reports, you avoid unnecessary expenses and unintentional FCRA or employment law violations.

Your Virtual HR Department

For smaller businesses, CrimShield’s WorkDayOne platform can serve as a virtual HR department, helping them to find the best and most reliable employees. Within bigger organizations, it can drastically reduce the amount of time and money needed to vet and onboard new hires.

American companies waste billions each year hiring the wrong people, and job seekers wait needlessly while their backgrounds and credentials are verified. WorkDayOne eliminates those problems and makes it easier for employers and employees to come together faster.

To learn more about the details, or to set up a profile, visit www.WorkDayOne.Com.