Personal Credentials

What is the difference between a background check and a CrimShield Investigation?
A background check is just that; a check of records that someone else has compiled and put into a searchable database.  An investigation is different because it is goes well beyond the reach of a traditional background check.  An investigation is performed by a licensed private investigator and not an electronic database.  Live investigators go directly to the courts to access criminal records.  Only by verifying criminal records with live data can you ensure that you are getting the most accurate report possible.

How far back does CrimShield go in their investigations?
CrimShield Investigations go back as far as our investigators can discover information about an applicant.  In most cases it includes a minimum of 20 years.

What States does an investigation cover?
A CrimShield investigation covers all 50 States. 

What are the criteria for receiving your certification?
CrimShield employs the following criteria to certify an applicant as crime free:
    •  No felonies found in the past ten (10) years.
    •  No violent, theft, or drug related misdemeanors found in the past five (5) years.
    •  No sex crimes found, ever.
    •  No crimes against children found, ever.
    •  No pending or looming legal action found which may result in a misdemeanor or felony conviction.
    •  Have a United States Government issued identification card.
    •  Current, accurate personal photograph.
In some cases CrimShield allows corporate clients to create their own criteria.

How can I prove to other people I have a CrimShield certification?
Every CrimShield Certification carries with it a unique number.  Anyone can take that unique number, enter it in at, and verify that the person’s card is active and that the picture and name match that of the individual holding the card.  CrimShield also offers SwipeZone, a solution that allows individuals and organizations the ability to swipe a CrimShield card for verification. Every CrimShield badge also comes with a QR code that can be use d to verify a person is crime-free. 

Do you include Juvenile records?
CrimShield uses juvenile records that can be obtained either electronically or physically from States.  Most states do not allow access to juvenile records.  For those states that do allow access to juvenile records, CrimShield reviews these records to determine if or how they can be used in issuing a certification.

How do I dispute a record CrimShield has on its report?
CrimShield will review reports if you feel there has been an error in the reporting of the disposition records.  CrimShield disputes require you to provide the following information for a review:
    i.  Copy of police report surrounding the disposition in question.
    ii. Formal request for review from you stating the facts of the case.

Does the Certification include a credit check?
CrimShield Certifications do not include a credit check.

What other services do you offer?
CrimShield offers drug screening, motor vehicle records as additional services.

Where can I find a list of companies that use CrimShield Certified Employees?
At you can find companies that have made a commitment to only send crime free certified employees into your home or business to perform their services. 

Can I send my background to others?
Your CrimShield Certification can be shared with others via email.  You determine what information you would like to include with those whom you share your background.

Can I change my photo in my profile?
You can change your profile picture.  There is an additional $10.00 charge for issuing a card with the updated profile picture.

What if I lost my badge?
Replacement badges can be ordered for a cost of $10.00 through the CrimShield website.

How long is my certification good for?
Every CrimShield Certification is good for one year.

How do others verify me online?
Anyone can verify your crime free status online at  They simply put in your unique CrimShield number and then receive verification that you are CrimShield Certified.