CrimShield Pro for Employers...

To build a strong business, you have to have the right people. But most employers rely on background checks that do little to actually verify an applicant’s identity, or to keep criminals from walking in the front door.

For employers who want real insight during the hiring process, CrimShield Pro is the answer. That’s because we use licensed investigators to find information and details you can’t get from instant background checks. It’s not just another report, it’s a Crime Free Certification that tells you which applicants are safe to hire.
Imagine being able to tell your customers that your company is crime free, and that they can feel safer working with your team… especially in their own homes. Now imagine that a competitor can make those guarantees and you can’t.

Employment Screening and Verification Done Right

When you want to hire crime-free employees, you can’t count on the same inaccurate and incomplete databases that everyone else is using. Criminals know how to beat so-called “instant background checks,” but they can’t hide from us.

Our licensed investigators and nationwide network of team members don’t just research potential employees using court records and government lists, we also look for gaps, inconsistencies, and other red flags on resumes and applications. We also ensure you get a complete picture of each applicant, including:

  • Identity, Employment, and Education Verification
  • Complete Criminal Record Screening
  • Drug Testing (As Needed)
  • State-by-State Driving Records (As Needed)
Cutting-Edge Employee Management Platform

Best of all, CrimShield Pro doesn’t just give you better information to make hiring decisions – we also make it easier for you to use that data with branded security cards that use mobile-friendly QR codes, and annual updates so you can re-screen and verify employees automatically. You can even use our system to track staff members and integrate contractors online.

If you want the best on your team, CrimShied Pro is a product that stands heads-and-shoulders above the competition. To find out more about this thorough employment verification and screening process, visit